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  • May 31, 2020


Zoroastrianism is actually depending on the teachings of Zoroaster, a 6th century BC Iranian prophet and philosopher. Zoroastrianism is just about identical with Mazdaism (the worship of Ahura Mazda, the supreme deity exalted by Zoroaster). Zoroastrianism survives now in isolated regions of the Middle East, mostly Iran, but much more prosperously in India, exactly where the descendants of Zoroastrian Persian immigrants are actually referred to Parsis, or perhaps Parsees. In India the religion is actually known as Parsiism. Just like all false religions, Zoroastrianism is actually incompatible with Christianity.For one factor, the claim Zoroastrianism is probably the oldest monotheistic religion and that it’d an impact on Islam, Christianity, or Judaism is actually not accurate. While Zoroastrianism is actually believed to have had the roots of its in the 6th century BC, it just enters history that is documented in the 5th century BC. This’s in comparison to the Bible, in which many historians as well as scholars place the writing of the Pentateuch (Genesis Deuteronomy authored by Moses) between 1446 – 1406 BC throughout Israel’s wanderings in the desert. What this means is the Old Testament pre dates the Avesta (official religious text of Zoroastrianism) by close to 900 yrs.While it’s not surprising to get antagonists of Christianity on the web and in publications attempt to discredit Christianity by claiming the Zoroastrian impact on it, it’s apparent that the idea of one God as well as the demand for a Savior was established a lot earlier by the Hebrew folks. Actually the prophet Isaiah spoke of the virgin birth of Christ and also recorded it about 701 BC, which nevertheless precedes Zoroastrianism by hundred yrs.

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