• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 28, 2020


Wicca is a neo pagan religion which has been increasing in acceptance and popularity in the United States as well as Europe. There are publications as well as sites many claiming to instruct “real” Wicca, though the simple truth is, there’s no consensus among Wiccans as to what the religion is actually about. The reason behind this’s that Wicca, as it’s practiced now, is just aproximatelly fifty years of age. Wicca is actually a belief process which Briton Gerald Gardner cobbled together in the 1940s as well as 1950s from a selection of religious traditions and beliefs along with Freemason rituals. Since Gardner published a few books espousing the program of his of worship, lots of offshoots & variants of Wicca have sprung up. A number of Wiccans are actually polytheistic, worshipping much more than one deity, while others worship only the “Goddess.” or the “God” Still various other Wiccans worship nature, as well as call it Gaea, after the Greek planet goddess. Some Wiccans pick and select areas of Christian doctrine to embrace, while others completely reject Christianity. Many practitioners of Wicca believe in reincarnation.Many Wiccans will vehemently refute Satan is actually an element of the pantheon of theirs, citing main doctrinal differences between themselves and Satanists. Wiccans commonly market moral relativity, disdaining product labels as “good” as well as “right” and “evil” or maybe “wrong.” Wicca has one law or maybe rule, considered the Rede: “Do what ye will, damage ye none.” In the beginning blush, the Rede looks like total, uninhibited private license. You are able to do anything you want, so long as no one gets hurt; however, Wiccans are actually fast to mention the ripple impact of one’s actions are able to carry far reaching effects. They articulate this concept in the Three fold Law, which states, “All good that an individual does to another return shipping three fold in this life; damage is returned three-fold.”icca Religion

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