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  • October 14, 2019


Depending on the 1973 sci fi/western by Michael Chrichton, WESTWORLD is actually put in a futuristic Old West themed park, in which friends spend a week or perhaps 2 riding horses, robbing banks, playing cards at saloons — and also pushing around reasonably humanoid robots, that could be killed, raped, or perhaps injured with impunity. The robots are actually called “Hosts,” the guests “Newcomers,” as well as the friends go to the park for so long as they are able to pay for. Nevertheless, several robots are actually glitching, stepping out of the roles of theirs, and also attempting to harm Newcomers, including longtime guest The Man in Black. The park’s staff is actually trying desperately to hold all of the issues undercover. However with the Hosts becoming increasingly more conscious of precisely how they are caught, that is getting more challenging all of the time. Meanwhile, several guests are trying to find a deeper significance below the park’s easy narrative.Disturbing, twisty, and thoughtful, this grim sequence digs into exactly what this means to be human and provides audience with increased questions than answers. The 1973 film was effective and creepy but a lark — this’s darker and more troubling. The villains are not as simple to notice in this brand new version. Ed Harris’ Man in Black is considered the most noticeable one, a visitor taking vile jollies in the independence of his to mess with Hosts as Evan Rachel Wood’s doe eyed Southern belle Dolores and James Marsden’s square jawed gunslinger Teddy.As we view the sympathetic Hosts take emotional and physical abuse from the scientists and both Newcomers that produced them, it becomes apparent that no one’s a hero here — not the thoughtless humans, not the helpless robots, and most certainly not the cynical individuals who create the park’s scripts and steer the Host/Newcomer interactions. Will be the producers of Westworld essentially asking us to sympathize with robots rising up against humans? They certainly are — and they are performing a bang up job of it, also. This’s the greatest type of sci fi: It entertains you as well as causes you to feel.

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