• Planet Detective, USA
  • August 23, 2019


Nevertheless, the 2 cats have differences in their areas and appearance of origin. A massive muscular cat, Turkish Van is actually among probably the largest feline breeds, especially in case of adult men that often cross 20 pounds in weight. Coat is usually white apart from markings on tail and head, and sometimes on trunk. They may be blue, brown, black, red and cream in color and tortoiseshell or tabby in pattern. Eyes are amber, odd-colored or blue. Fur is very soft that way of a rabbit, although it’s thick and waterproof.They’re really fond of playing & swimming in water. Most likely it’s an evolutionary adaptation to the great summer environments in the part of theirs of the planet. At any rate, these’ Swimming Cats’ simply love water, whether it is in a tub, sink or maybe some organic water body.Active and intelligent, Turkish Vans are very playful. Like various other breeds, they’re often in contrast to canines owing to their affectionate mindset towards individuals, brilliant personality and propensity to play’ fetch’ video games with the humans of theirs.

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