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  • October 14, 2019


It shares parallels with Turkish Persian and Van. As a situation of point the Turkish Angora was utilized a great deal for the improvement of the contemporary Persian. And so much so that almost all purebred cats had been lost. It received recognition in United States in 19 sixties. Nevertheless, simply white colors had been accepted at first and it wasn’t until a decade later that every styles except for the sharp variants had been incorporated in cat fancies.Coat is individual in layer, smooth in feel and usually white in color. Some other colors and patterns include tortoiseshell, tabby, smoke, silver, red, cream, blue, and black. They’ve an elegant air about them and generally establish themselves as the leading cat in a multi pet home. They’re active and healthy in general though there are actually reports of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as well as deafness in several lines.Turkish Angoras are extremely energetic and playful. They maintain the level of theirs of exercise as they grow older. Also known for the intelligence of theirs, these felines are actually interest seekers and vocal. They’re not afraid and attempt to connect with strangers as they actually do with family members.

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