• Planet Detective, USA
  • January 24, 2020


The nineteenth century saw a German’ Romantic Landscape’ painter Caspar David Friedrich (September five, 1774 – May seven, 1840). He wisely flirted with nature and the components of its, on canvass. His paintings had been responses, often’ Symbolic’ and also subjective to the dynamics. Several of Caspar’s very best works are actually based mostly on religious mysticism.

He’s draped in a deep green overcoat and is having a stick in the right hand of his. The flow of wind is actually mirrored through his blowing locks. Above, there’s a hazy sky and a few of rocks are actually shown peeping out of the ocean. In the west, rather far from the place that the young male is actually standing, there could be noticed a trace of mountains actively playing the aspect of leveler for the minimal areas of the east.

It uses the pattern of the paintings of his, conveying self-reflection and contemplation by way of a wanderer’s eyes.

Thus, the character really may have got lost in the procedure of hiking and searching a way. The next word’ Nebelmeer’ in German specifically stands for Fog Sea, that has been viewed in various ways like a a sea, composed of fog.



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