• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 24, 2020


When i was a teenager my parents has taken us to a car museum near Detroit. The automobile that fascinated me the best was the Tucker car. The futuristic style of the Tucker caught the attention of mine.

Only fifty one automobiles were in fact constructed before the business was shut down by press that is bad as well as allegations of inventory fraud.

Though I would love to concentrate on the automobile itself. It’d a lower body profile than automobiles ordinarily had during those seasons. So, Tucker overcame this particular distinction by developing the doors into the top for ease of entry.

The motor was a modified aircraft 6 cylinder motor set up in the back of the automobile. Rear engine cars were still really unusual at that time.

Tucker incorporated numerous safety features in the automobile which were also ahead of the time of theirs. The dash was padded. Though it never ever went into production, Tucker had created a collapsible steering column to defend the driver.

Preston Tucker was in fact ahead of the time of his in the car manufacturing world.

Indeed, I wasn’t wrong in the first memory of mine about the museum in which I 1st learned about and discovered a Tucker automobile.