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Have you wondered about Christmas? From the time you 1st found out there actually was absolutely no Santa Claus, did you at any time doubt other facets of this amazing holiday? Precisely why have a Christmas tree? Where did the thought of Santa Claus originate? Precisely why is this day time celebrated on the 25th of December? Which food do these symbols and festivities actually mean? What’s God’ s point of view on these issues? In case you had been shocked when you first found the fact about Santa Claus, you are going to be much more shocked by the majority of the story.
As shocking as it may seem, there’s absolutely nothing Christian about Christmas. The the fact is this holiday, with the exact same symbols & ceremonies, was practiced hundreds of years before Jesus was actually created. This fact is established by the testimony of each secular and religious authorities.
The celebration of Christmas wasn’t embraced during the period of the apostles or perhaps the first New Testament church. This opinion and training spread to Egypt, exactly where the labels of the gods had been Osiris and Isis. In Asia it was Deonius and Cybele. In Rome they had been known as Jupiter and Fortuna. Throughout the planet we still discover the remnants of mother as well as kid worship to this particular day. It’s no surprise that this exact same system still prevails at the conclusion of the age. It’s known as “Mystery Babylon” (Revelation 17:5). Shockingly, it’s disguised as Christianity and it is currently practiced in Christmas.

Christianity didn’t ruin paganism; it followed it,.. From Phrygia arrived the worship of the fantastic Mother,.. It started with embracing the birthday celebration of the sun god and setting up the particular date of this particular celebration as December twenty five. It’s interesting to be aware that the process of sun worship started in early Egypt.
In truth, it was the church actually being absorbed by people that practiced beliefs entirely contrary to Christianity. The church gradually adopted and merged many different pagan ceremonies to finally end up with the contemporary day process of Christmas as well as the New Year celebrations we experience now.


This particular date was selected since it was the established day of the winter solstice. Christians had been hated by the condition and had been put through great persecution. Nevertheless, Constantine saw a thing in Christianity he thought might be extremely beneficial in holding the empire in concert. Despite excellent persecution, Christians remained focused on the faith of theirs. Being a result, express persecution of Christians stopped. Nevertheless, the media wasn’t all great. Since Christianity started to be the state religion, the church started to be extremely political and the doctrines adopted by the church had been watered down and really affected.
Everybody desired membership in the church, and almost every person was received. Ambitious, worldly, dishonest males sought workplace in the church for political and social influence,.. The services of worship enhanced in splendor, but were hearty and spiritual less than individuals of former times. The types and ceremonies of paganism steadily crept into the worship.

As you are able to see, old rites applied by the pagan community were finally grafted into Christianity. They liked those items they’d always known, and just adapted the old to seem to conform to the latest. Many people these days know little or perhaps nothing of the pagan origins of Christmas. They’re ignorant that faithful Christians initially opposed these heretical methods. Furthermore, most Christians today do not comprehend that believers devoted to keeping the fact of God had been forced to go underground, several suffering martyrdom instead of allowing themselves to take part in things that are such.

Large numbers of folks bring an evergreen tree into the homes of theirs and decorate it with delightful glass balls, tinsel, as well as lighting. The tradition of getting a tree into the house and decorating it arrived from a fable relating to Saint Boniface. The story is the fact that Saint Boniface arrived upon a band of heathens that were worshiping an enormous oak tree. This band was intending to give a human sacrifice. He then bought the tree cut down. Thorough examination of this particular story reveals similarities that are striking to the story of Semeramis and Nimrod.

It’s vital to realize that such methods are actually abhorrent to God. God moves on to characterize the tree as being a graven picture (Jer. 10:1 2).

He didn’t say it was acceptable to alter the practices of theirs and phone them Christian. The Christmas tree’s origins in paganism is extensively supported by the testimony of the historical past. Think about the text of Alexander Hislop.
Nevertheless, there’s one idea the Christmas tree isn’t – it’s not Christian. It’s a pagan symbol which God condemns. This report spoke volumes about this particular sign which has come to be clearly embraced by the Christian planet.
Nowadays, large numbers of Christian homes all over the world are actually adorned with evergreen trees each Christmas. Tragically, individuals fail to realize what these trees image since they just do not ask.

One of the more prominent pictures associated with Christmas is actually that of Santa Claus. And so well known is actually Santa Claus that adults explain to kids accounts of the exploits of his. These accounts are conveyed with that conviction that kids think them with no question. But who’s Santa Claus? And where did his story start? It’s true that the a bishop did exist but a lot of what’s linked to him is actually false.
Several of Santa Claus’s qualities date back hundreds of years. For instance, the perception that Santa enters the home through the chimney created from a Norse legend. This’s how the tradition of making cookies and milk out for Santa started. It’s obvious that the contemporary Santa traces the origins of his back to early pagan traditions.
The assumption is the fact that the wise males gave presents to Jesus, thus it’s suitable for us to offer presents to one another. Both secular and religious history reveal a clear link between providing presents during the Christmas season as well as pagan methods. Think about the following insights related to this practice.

“Gifts are actually replaced by the French on January one, by the Italians and Spanish on January six, and also by various other nationalities on December twenty five.
It’s vital to realize that the wise males didn’t offer presents to one another. Furthermore, the presents they brought to Christ weren’t birthday presents. Jesus didn’t receive toys from these site visitors, but quite unusual offerings that many people feel carry great significance.
It’s obvious that the wise males given gifts to Jesus since they recognized Him to be a good King. The protocol at that moment was to in no way address the presence of dignitaries or kings without bearing a present.

“The individuals of the east do not address the presence of kings & great personages without having a present with their hands.” (Vol. five, p. 46)
The the fact is the gift giving at this particular time of year isn’t scriptural and has no foundation in the story of the sensible males. The giving of presents at this particular time of year arrived from the process of the early Saturnalia.
Over the generations the process of providing gifts at this particular time of season has amplified to be business that is big! It’s also believed that shopping mall traffic increases by fifteen % every time a Santa Claus is actually in one of the huge stores. In the community of Los Angeles alone the amount of Christmas trees marketed tops 1.1 million.

It’s been recommended that fifty % of annual income enjoyed by retailers is produced by Christmas related sales. Lately, an executive of 1 of America’s biggest retail chains recommended that seventy five % of their earnings were produced between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Tragically, most of this great spending doesn’t actually make folks happy. During this particular time of the season thirty five % to forty % of Americans will be so depressed they’ll make use of drugs or alcohol to only cope with the emptiness they think at this professed “joyous” period.
Regardless of exactly how Christmas has been packed it’s a pagan holiday which is wholly devoted to materialism. The perception that these symbols are properly connected to Christ’s birth is completely bogus. They’re pagan to the center and must be forsaken.

The perception that Jesus was created on or perhaps near December twenty five has absolutely no basis in fact. In fact, this particular date has a really sullied past. Virtually all credible documents suggest that the first Church didn’t actually celebrate birthdays.
The actual day of Christ’s birth isn’t known. The very early Christians didn’t celebrate The birth of his, since they thought the celebration of anyone ‘s birth to become a pagan custom. For a lot of years, a few dates had been used. December twenty five was first used in 336. (article “Christmas”)
It’s a moment of music that is beautiful, food that is delicious, colors that are bright, and family reunions. Nevertheless, there’s one idea Christmas is not; it’s not today, neither has it been, Christian. William Prynne published the following during the moment of King Charles:

It’s absolutely necessary to understand God hates a lie, regardless of what form it requires. Satan himself was recognized as the dad of lies (Jn. 8:44) as well as the deceiver of the entire planet (Rev. 12:9). The scriptures likewise reveal that Satan seems as an angel of lighting.

Is Christmas Christian? The simple solution is actually “no;” it’s an emphatic “no!” Christmas isn’t Christian; it’s pagan to the center. Take heed to thyself thou be not snared by sticking with them, after they be eliminated from before thee; and thou enquire not after the gods of theirs, expression, “How did these nations work their gods? Quite possibly as will I do likewise.”


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