• Planet Detective, USA
  • August 10, 2020


The spoke a typical language and then formed a single society.
Since folks might no longer understand one another, they had been spread over the planet at last. The web site of the occasion would from that day time on be recognized as Babel, seemingly meaning’ confusion’.

The 2 surviving canvasses (both most likely from 1563) display intricate detail and are certainly well worth viewing in the initial. The countless small figures highlight the tower’s the insignificance and gigantic proportions of mankind.

At very first sight Bruegel’s towers appear well-constructed and sturdy, but on much closer inspection it hits the person that the style has flaws, possibly inserted to indicate just how daring and presumptuous the entire project was.

There’s proof that the Tower of Babel in fact existed. But in all of fairness it wasn’t constructed as Bruegel thought.