• Planet Detective, USA
  • August 10, 2020


He showed great curiosity in drawing and music as a kid and received many prizes in school as well. Henri Rousseau relocated to Paris in the season 1868 to take care of and support the mother of his, as his dad died untimely.

Surprisingly enough, the artist had never came across anything’ wild’ in the life of his. This gave him sufficient food for the thoughts of his. Henri Rousseau paintings appeared to be childish and flat to a lot of individuals who couldn’t understand the talent of his, creating numerous critics, who ridiculed the work of his endlessly. Many established artists as well didn’t love Henri’s distinctive style of office and considered it’ untutored.’ Undeterred, the artist stood to his childish and naive painting like, filled with flat figures, free creativity, and’ Realism.’ He began exhibiting the work of his as well as the selection of the ardent followers of his, especially’ the would be” Cubists,’ enhanced.

It appears that the lions gaze is actually transfixed over the sleeping female, dressed in Oriental costume. Crystalline tones grace the painting, imparting a great lighting effect. Measuring 51 x 6′ 7, The Sleeping Gypsy is actually an icon in the’ Modern Art’ styles. This particular painting has inspired the area of poetry and music too.