• Planet Detective, USA
  • August 10, 2020


“Some see beauty in it, exactly because the characters are extremely genuine.” Theo van Gogh
One look at this ultra famous painting quickly reveals it’s in fact a master we’re talking about there, although at times critics have tagged this beloved work clumsy and also oafish. Well, we believe later, they do not appear all that unhappy!

Technically, the painting is actually a little bit of wizardry, with its honest rendering of faces plus bodies filled with character and life, gnarled, expressive worker ‘s heavy winter clothing and hands faithfully reproduced.

Some call this image preachy or perhaps moralistic.
Though this particular fabric is actually the outcome of 1 of van Gogh’s very least impulsive and the majority of belabored paintings, “The Potato Eaters” nonetheless exudes his very own scintillating life force.

There’s no mistaking van Gogh’s original intention here. The viewer is intended to see and believe the lives of the very poor across the globe. The common response to this particular portion of art is actually a gut level feeling that we are all in this together, as well as should assist each other in case we’re surviving.

Though he was attempting for a far more utterly reasonable and formalized sort of masterpiece than he have, it continues to be one of his most effective works.