• Planet Detective, USA
  • November 17, 2019


The Pointer is gracefully snow in look with smooth muscular back legs. They’re a brave dog and socialises nicely with other dogs and individuals, though the earlier they’re introduced the better. Pointers are very popular for the straightness of their mind to tail profile; their regular sized proportional head rests on a long muscular neck top down to the full chest and muscular top legs.Because of their superb power to catch a scent as well as thing in the path of the game, they’ve become extremely popular hunting dogs. The dogs are able to run at speed that is great, covering longer distances in a very short period of time, though they’re not retrievers, and aren’t likely to deliver the kill back.Pointers are perfectly tempered dog and welcoming, they’re happiest in a house, as a part of the family. They adapt very well to the surroundings of theirs, though can be a bit afraid of strangers. Whilst they’re not watchdogs, they are going to react to, and perhaps bark at, abnormal noises or perhaps activities.


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