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  • May 24, 2020


In the fundamental look of the Eclat, Colin Chapman made the decision to include things like an aspect of nearly into this very affordable 4 seater.

The beginnings of the automobile had been solidly grounded in the Lotus Elite Mark two, that had been phased out in 1983.

For that reason, it’d a fastback body styling, that represented a far more practical alternative for storage space in the shoe.

This development was at first designated the Elite Coupe but, consequently, was renamed the Eclat.

Nevertheless, in order to fulfill US emission laws, the 912 motor just developed 160 bhp, in contrast to 155 bhp with the 907 product.

PAAREN IM GLIEN, GERMANY – JUNE 08, 2019: Sports car Lotus Eclat, 1977. Die Oldtimer Show 2019.

The Series one Type seventy six Eclat was equipped with a steel chassis, that had been connected to the glassfibre entire body at the back.

Unsurprisingly, in damp environments, the felt would take in and keep moisture content, so speeding up oxidation of the metal chassis.

1975 = sixteen; 1976 = 212; 1977 = 133; 1978 = 258; 1979 = 232; 1980 = ninety five; 1981 = twenty five; 1982 = 143; Total = 1,114

Perhaps that stroll down memory lane may well have answered, or perhaps at minimum shed light on, a probable question: Which Morgan Sports car will be your Favourite?