• Planet Detective, USA
  • August 13, 2020


That stunning photo is actually 40.3 cm vast and 54.8 cm very high, oil on walnut board. Just a handful of genuine board painting of him endure. Extremely curious, Leonardo usually painted with abandoned projects or experimental materials as soon as he’d perfected the formal challenge every offered.

sighting turret on top to harmonize the firing of the steering and the canons of the automobile. Standing before the painting nowadays, you cannot help feeling somewhat cheated by the tan background. Furthermore, Leonardo’s control of mild and tone is as subtle as ever.

Nevertheless, like Leonardo, Orson’s thunder was taken long before. A lot of this’s simply stating the obvious. And most said, “The Lady With an Ermine” is actually an excellent painting – although it might not astound today. It was outstanding for its time.

What’s perhaps more incredible is actually the painting’s survival. It is well worth falling by the museum in case you are in Cracow – there are actually loads of treasures to savour. In fact, it will be unchivalrous never to!