• Planet Detective, USA
  • February 17, 2020


They weigh around thirty five pounds and really should stand around fourteen inches high at the withers. They’ve a double layer which must be wheaten in brindle or colour, the undercoat of theirs must be smooth whereas the outer coat of theirs must be nasty to the touch. They’ve a fairly big head, with ears which are large set and then half pricked. They’ve round dark eyes which have a loving expression.They’re believed to be an early breed, but due to the isolation of theirs they’re an almost unfamiliar breed outside of the spot they come from. They’re wonderful hunters of fox, rat and badgers. Even in Ireland they weren’t first publicly offered until 1933. In recent years they’ve become much more companion pets, instead of working dogs.They are able to however be affected from’ small dog syndrome’ so that they require an owner that could prevent any bad behavior in a calm fashion as they don’t respond well to strong discipline.


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