• Planet Detective, USA
  • July 16, 2020


They’re leggy in look and are made for excellent agility and endurance. This build provides the Brittany the potential to cover a lot of ground quickly. The double layer of the Brittany is thick, and either wavy or flat. The coat was created not to absorb and / or hold dirt or water. The coat is available in an assortment of white and colors-orange, liver and gray, white and black, and some tri color.

The sweet disposition of his is great for kids and he generally doesn’t care about some roughhousing. Eager to make sure you, Brittanys love being taught simple obedience and they’re fast learners.

They’re best suited to a residence with an energetic owner that is going to take some time to instruct and hunt with the dog. They’re probably the smallest of the breeds recognized as the flexible gun dogs.

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