• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 31, 2020


People who favor this particular story think that Simonetta herself was the product for Venus. A Horae or perhaps goddess of the season is actually with her, giving Venus a cloak. The pictures are definitely more pagan in theme as opposed to the Roman Catholicism which was well known in the art community at the moment.

Venus was a great subject matter during this particular era as France was adhering to the own statue of its, the Venus de Milo. Venus’ ratios in the painting are relatively off. Her neck is pretty long and the sloping left shoulder of her does very at an angle which would not be very likely in life that is real. She’s focused in the painting and also covers the nudity of her with her hands hand locks. The breeze which takes her to shore lifts several of that hair. You will find rose blossoms blowing throughout the air. The styles of the painting are actually brilliant pastels with Venus’ dazzling pale skin as well as golden hair drawing the notice to the middle.

There are additional works of art which bears the title of the Birth of Venus. Botticelli’s edition has been referenced in different types of media.