• Planet Detective, USA
  • December 6, 2019


This painting is a superb example of a selection of design elements, like but not restricted to depth and proximity, color and contrast, and feel.
The focal point of this particular painting is the very first American flag. Hassam utilizes proximity to the person to highlight that. The main flag is found closest to the viewer; this’s attained by making this particular flag bigger compared to the others. There’s also a feeling of depth produced by doing several items, just like the flag, closer in others and proximity, like the folks, further away. Hassam skillfully uses depth and proximity in this particular painting to portray the scene of his and emphasize the focal point of his and theme.

The brilliant colors of the flag stand up in a good contrast to the diverse blues of the majority of the painting. The distinctions in this particular painting serves to completely focus the viewer on the flags, and they are actually the planned focal point and primary theme of the sequence.

One more component of style exemplified in this particular painting is texture. With this painting, he masterfully uses this particular type in mostly bluish shades to develop a blurry consistency to express to the person that it’s raining in the painting.
Texture, color, contrast, depth, and texture are only some of the numerous components used by Hassam.



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