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  • February 22, 2020


The Australian Cattle Dog is actually an incredibly smart, energetic, and sturdy dog breed. Created by Australian settlers to manage herds of livestock on expansive ranches, he is still used now as being a herding dog. He’s protective and loyal of the family of his, although leery of outsiders. Besides herding perform, the Australian Cattle dog does very well at canine athletics, including flying, flyball, rally, obedience, and agility disc competitions.

You may be familiar with this particular breed by one of his various other common names: Halls Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler, or australian Heeler . Officially, nonetheless, he is the Australian Cattle Dog; the “heeler” moniker comes from the reality that the dogs had been bred to herd livestock by nipping at the heels of theirs.

The Australian Cattle Dog is actually a high energy working dog. He is usually known as a “Velcro” dog since he attaches really firmly; he would like to be in close bodily connection with his chosen person on a regular basis.

His instinct would be to nip cattle, kids, pets, automobiles, something that moves. He’s a strong inclination to attack, while in play. Another component of the breed’s impulse is the strong prey drive of his. He is fascinated by squirrels, cats, and any other small animals. He is likely to think about those outside his home to be good game, however.

He will continue working a lot when he is injured. Owners should pay careful attention to this particular breed to make certain he stops working or perhaps competing whether he gets injured.



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