• Planet Detective, USA
  • December 6, 2019


Probably the most interesting link is actually that which lies latent in 2 paintings by Vermeer. Later nevertheless, the’ Geographer’ as he’s currently called was re identified as’ “a Surveyor” or “an Architect”. Obviously Vermeer intended the 2 males to be scholarly kinds. While the “Astronomer” doesn’t have a telescope, he’s shown touching a celestial world, and the’ Geographer’ has a pair of dividers or compasses and features a terrestrial world nearby; the two males have publications to band.

In fact, a somewhat idealized air permeates the photographs, which were most likely commissioned work and therefore balanced uneasily between the requirements of painter and client. The particular date of 1669 now witnessed on the Geographer is not unique, although it’s believed to mirror the day the photo was painted.

The unit in both photos seems to be the same male. He’s a large, particularly long, full lips and straight nose. Additionally, although you will find differences in detail between the areas the 2 scientists inhabit – a department of stained glass window in a single but not within the various other; the dining room table carpets; a curtain relocated from one edge of the casement to the various other – the real space appears to be the same, with exactly the same corner cupboard.



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