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  • February 17, 2020


The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is actually a large, powerful and rugged livestock guardian. He’s much like the great Pyrenees and also the Kuvasz, but is much more slender and nimble. The head is in great proportion with the other parts of the entire body, strong and large, somewhat rounded, with a small stop. The muzzle is frequently black clothing and is actually rectangular in shape. The top lip shouldn’t hang down lower compared to the bottom jaw ‘s smaller edge.

The teeth could meet in a scissors bitten area, but a level chunk is actually appropriate based on the written standard. The topline is going to appear amount when the dog is actually in motion and can be a bit rounded at the loin. It must be extended and achieving to the hocks. When calm, it’s carried very low with the conclusion curled upwards.

The “wheel” carriage is actually preferred to the show ring. The tail won’t always uncurl totally. The short and rough double coat is commonly fawn with a black mask, although all color patterns as well as markings are just as appropriate including brindle, white, and pinto.

Coat is longer around the tail and the collar. The length will change based on the dog’s lineage as well as the season. You will find 2 standard coat types: moderate length and then medium long.



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