• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 24, 2020


In the era observing WW2, the mantra of nearly all British automobile producers was building sports automobiles that would promote in numbers that are large in the US industry.

Nevertheless, though it was, in essence, just a modified saloon automobile, folks were still purchasing it.

As a result, the mind of Rootes Group realised that, in case they were offering a custom designed sports automobile, it will find a current and eager sector, particularly in the US.

To minimise expenses, the brand new Alpine was using the maximum number of elements possible from some other types in the Rootes Group goods range.


The motor, clutch, and gearbox had been the just like those employed in the Sunbeam Rapier saloon.





Several of its functions included:

2 wide doors which created for access that is easy
The hood might be saved very easily out of sight