• Planet Detective, USA
  • September 28, 2020


Although worries about the authenticity of Uccello’s The Dragon and saint George have often been expressed, they’ve no foundation in science – neither, for that issue, in connoisseurship.

He’d made up the mind of his on a gut feeling, publishing he was’ disturbed’ when initially seeing the painting. The armour as well as costume had been additionally established as being right for the period.
Since 1959 different scientific studies have started that early Italian photographs on canvas weren’t as uncommon as had been believed, despite the poor rate of theirs of survival. The utilization of a cream binding medium, as well as the situation in the’ Saint George’, is the same now known to get less uncommon than once supposed.

Infrared reflectogram, information of princess. Broad shapes are apparent, indicating the existence of a basic style, perhaps a heraldic device
The uppermost color layer is actually that are over a lead white layer which appears to cover the whole area of the painting, beneath and they are actually various different color levels lying over the gesso preparing.