• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 28, 2020


Skipjack tuna are a very migratory fish that roams all of the world’s oceans in subtropical and tropical zones. They live in big schools and are usually harvested as well as canned as “light tuna.” They don’t have scales except around its mind and operating along their lateral line. They’ve sleek, torpedo shaped bodies adapted to quick swimming.

The species is quite effective, spawning throughout the season in subtropical and tropical waters. Females are able to spawn almost every day, releasing large numbers of eggs. Their most effective spawning periods are actually in the springtime as well as fall. They grow rapidly reaching aproximatelly eighty cm (thirty one inches) and weighing 8 to ten kg (18 22 lb). They’re at the roof of the food chain as well as feed on various other fish, crustaceans and squid.