• Planet Detective, USA
  • July 16, 2020


Livermush needs much better PR, beginning with its name. What in case we rather called it pate? Livermush is actually a puree of pig’s liver & spices bound with sufficient cooked cornmeal mush to really make it sliceable and moldable. The bigger proportion of cornmeal is the thing that distinguishes livermush from liver pudding. Abundant, but not oily. Seasoned, however, not spicy.

Livermush might pass for pate, though it will be out of position a charcuterie board. Unlike bacon or sausage, livermush is not the base of gravy since it produces very little pan drippings. A huge squirt of yellow mustard is actually the ideal condiment, though there are actually individuals who’ll smear a small Duke’s on all sandwiches.

Nowadays it appears that 2 camps of folks prefer livermush, what there’s of it. Livermush simply needs much better PR, and yellow mustard.