• Planet Detective, USA
  • July 5, 2020


Additionally, after the age of forty six, Goya himself had endured from periodic bouts and profound deafness of depression. Note however that not one of these works had been created for public consumption, and just had been in contrast that is stark to his official output of religious paintings and portrait art for the Spanish royal court as well as the nobility.

Names had been selected by various other individuals years after the death of his, based mostly upon the presumed articles as well as significance of each work. Furthermore, the photos remained untouched on the wall space for nearly fifty years: it was just in 1874 they had been transferred from the wall space to canvas.

Saturn’s general nakedness, dishevelled beard and hair, wide eyed stare, and intense moves all signify a state of hysterical madness. In addition, there’s also proof that in the first picture – just before being transferred to fabric – the god had a partly erect phallus, therefore imbuing the job with even greater horror.

As always, several problems remain unclear. It’s obvious thus he’s eating one of the daughters of his. And she’s no kid but a well developed younger female. So what does it just mean? Could it be truly an allegorical photo as well as, if and so, who does Saturn symbolize? Goya himself left no hint as to the solution.