• Planet Detective, USA
  • December 6, 2019


Glossy-black men have scarlet-and-yellow shoulder spots they are able to puff up or perhaps hide based on just how confident they feel. Their first and tumbling song are actually pleased indications of the return of early spring. Wherever there is vegetation and standing water, Red winged Blackbirds are actually prone to be probably the most popular birds you notice as well as hear. Listen for the male ‘s conk-la-lee! song.You might also discover them breeding in drier regions as sedge meadows, alfalfa areas, as well as fallow fields. In winter and fall, they congregate in grassland, pastures, feedlots, and agricultural fields.Red-winged Blackbirds eat generally insects in the summer time as well as seeds, which includes wheat and corn, in the winter season. In winter and fall they eat weedy seeds like cocklebur and ragweed in addition to indigenous sunflowers as well as waste grains.



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