• Planet Detective, USA
  • September 23, 2020


The cinematography, though not always a stand out, is actually much more than able and the musical score provides a couple of suspenseful jolts there and here. But these highlights aren’t sufficient to protect what might have been an informative political farce with a horrific advantage.

The launch of the characters is actually quirky and fast, and the team is actually a relatively likable couple (though the jock shouts each series in an exaggerated surfer speech, the amusing appeal of which fast wears off). While Presidents Day keeps the spirit of many inexpensive and tacky films that have come before it, it is simply not a really good movie – the storyline, the pacing, as well as the kill scenes all leave a lot to be desired.

Down the road, it will be enjoyable to find out what this gifted group of filmmakers might do with a somewhat greater budget, a smarter idea, along with a sharper script.