• Planet Detective, USA
  • September 23, 2020


Local newspapers splash advertisements of “President’s Day Sales!” and lots of find the day time off from work.
Presidents’ Day is actually meant (for some) to honor all of the American presidents, but most definitely George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Based on the Gregorian or maybe “New Style” calendar which is most often used these days, George Washington was created on February twenty two, 1732. But according to the “Old or julian Style” calendar which was put to use in England until 1752, the birth date of his was February 11th. During the 1790s, Americans were split – several celebrated the birthday of his on February 11th and a few on February 22nd.

Challenging thing was that Lincoln’s birthday celebration fell on February 12th. Before 1968, having 2 presidential birthdays so close together did not appear to bother anyone.

But only some Americans were very pleased with the new law.Although Congress had developed a consistent federal holiday law, there wasn’t a consistent holiday name agreement among the separate states.In 1999, bills had been launched in both the U.S.