• Planet Detective, USA
  • August 13, 2020


Probably the most frequent kind of potato used for that salad is actually White Rose that is a waxy potato which is going to hold its shape when prepared and never become crumbly and mealy including the Russet Potato.

Sure, you will find blue potatoes. Last although not least, let us not forget about the Mexican and southwest heritage which would include things like Salad with Chile Peppers like Jalapenos in it. Needless to say let us not forget about the salt and pepper that is crucial to each salad.

The potatoes must be cooked until they’re fork tender, however, not mushy. The German type is most always served hot since it has not just bacon, however the dressing is actually made with bacon fat. A bit of cider vinegar is also included for taste.

The Russian Salad has practically all of the materials typical to the popular potato salad of ours, but in addition it’s Russian dressing, Parsley, Beets, Capers and radishes, therefore giving it a distinctive flavor and texture. In picking a potato salad pick one which is going to go with the main entrees of yours and not conflict with it.

Plate of potato salad