• Planet Detective, USA
  • July 16, 2020


When i was a child and I noticed about Oysters Rockefeller I’d visions of wealthy households sitting around linen covered tables consuming little exoctic oysters served on bronze plates. Today I’m more mature and a little more savay when you are looking at food I still like eating Oysters Rockefeller. This particular recipe is actually an adaptation of the traditional Oysters Rockefeller that’s served on toast points.

One Bunch Green Onions
Two tsp Worcestershire Sauce
Two to three Dashes of Tabasco Sauce
One Baguette
one Dozen Oysters or perhaps One Can of Oysters
One by four Cup Ketchup
One by four Cup Parsely
One by four lb Butter
One big bunch of fresh spinach

Clean and empty fresh spinach or perhaps thaw & drain frozen spinach. Combine spinach, green onion and parsley and chop in food processor. Sauté the spinach mixture by butter for Ten minutes. Cook for an additional 3 minutes with ketchup, Tabasco And sauce. Fresh oysters in accordance to butcher instructions. In case using canned oysters drain off fluid. Broil for ten minutes or perhaps until bubbly.