• Planet Detective, USA
  • July 4, 2020


While Olympia’s pose had timeless precedents, the topic of a prostitute was represented by the painting. Viewers were not certain of Manet’s motives. Was he attempting to create a major work of art? Was Olympia an effort to parody various other paintings? Or perhaps, worst of all the, was he mocking them?



Modern scholars believe that Manet’s technique more inflamed the controversy surrounding Olympia. It’d the entire range of outrage. He liked the advantages of his public position – living exactly where he chose as well as keeping business with cultural icons of the moment.

With all the privilege of his, Manet was still pushed to prove himself to the father of his, who wanted the son of his to study law. This big, provocative painting, depicting clothed males picnicking outside with a naked female, was rejected by the jury.