• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 25, 2020


3 of the boys are actually playing music. The main figure is actually holding a lute and is actually believed to be Mario Minniti, a buddy of Caravaggio. His eyes are full and moist of tears. This particular painting is recognized as the Concert of Youths. Nevertheless, surprisingly, the music which is played in this particular painting is nonreligious.

Who’s Francesco Maria del Monte? Del Monte given Caravaggio for the work of his. Del Monte was an essential art collector during the time of his in Rome and left a set of aproximatelly 600 paintings at the death of his.

He utilized a realistic painting like, paying both interest to emotional state and the physical of the subject areas he painted. He mixed this with a remarkable contrast between mild and shadow in the paintings of his. Nevertheless, the sheer brilliance of his as an artist has provided him an area in the story books. The painting style of his has had a huge impact on the improvement of Baroque painting (which contains drama and an intensive contrast between dark and light).
This particular painting has been lacking for centuries.