• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 25, 2020


The Mona Lisa remains most likely the most recognized painting by chance to have been produced, as well as sits proudly amongst the numerous excellent achievements of Leonardo Da Vinci, that stretched beyond just art form. The birth of the son of theirs, Andrea, plus the move of theirs to a new house were the reason behind commissioning the painting.

The artist even gave a sensation of distance from himself or maybe the person to the topic by including the armrests of the seat much more prominently than was typical for that time.

As different art movements seem all the time, Renaissance art continue to has a crucial role in art history scientific studies, as well as the paintings themselves from the Baroque and Renaissance eras stay popular with conventional art lovers, with many people who see these as showing true talent over other much more contemporary works.

The blog site tries to cover as a number of different art techniques as likely, but concentrates very on Renaissance, Baroque, Abstract and impressionist art.