• Planet Detective, USA
  • August 13, 2020


I am just trying to get a glimpse at the painting; children and students will be eagerly drawing or even taking down notes. Rucksacks are actually trampled underfoot and there’s the distinctive crunch of a few hapless child’s crayons because you unwittingly use the full weight of yours. She’s been right here before and knows the tool. Accompanied by the audio of older ladies in understanding as they’re let into the strategies of the initiated.
And so much as good, but this’s exactly where the photo gets interesting.

He’s shown painting a photo, perhaps this particular image you’re taking a look at today and Margarita as well as her retinue are just here to check out the improvement. Could they be the Queen and King owning their portrait painted? The’ ground plane’, that’s the surface Margarita is actually standing on, may be dreamed to extend into the area you the person is actually occupying. If that’s so, then you definitely can be 1 of the figures in the mirror. Velsquez is actually looking out of the photo straight at you as you position there. Thus, the question is actually, precisely who’s being painted? Added to this particular enigma is actually the question of who’s the gentleman in the doorway? There’s a number of significant debate about that.

Decoding this photo is actually a fascinating task and is actually an insight into a complicated mind.
It says that this was the home of Velsquez. Amazing, what an artist.