• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 28, 2020


Kooikerhondjes have very special coats which take up to two years to fully grow. The one distinguishing characteristic of the breed is actually the very long black suggestions on its ears. In years past, once the breed was being created, dogs with a great deal of dark fur had been launched into the lines to be able to build the earrings. As a consequence of these breedings, several black and tricolored and white Kooikerhondjes have been created. These variations, while stunning, don’t meet up with the standard and can’t participate in conformation. Kooikerhondjes typically have a bit of black hairs all over their body whenever they born. If a puppy does not have some black hairs when he is born, he won’t produce earrings. Color limitations in the breed standard help make breeding Kooikerhondjes challenging.The Kooikerhondje’s sturdy and affectionate nature helps it be a charming family dog. This particular breed is self-assured and happy, but careful with other dogs and strangers. Its temperament must be neither assertive nor anti social. While it might take a small time, the Kooikerhondje, at one time accustomed to someone, will often be a loyal and good friend. Excellent watchdogs are made by kooikerhondjes (though they’re not noisy) and they also create first rate companions since they love to be among folks. Typically speaking, thanks to the very sensitive nature of the fact and the breed that the breed as being a rule does not love unnecessary handling, Kooikerhondjes aren’t advised as playmates for unruly or small kids. Kids have to be shown how you can be pack leaders.

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