• Planet Detective, USA
  • September 26, 2020


Missulena is actually a genus of bots in the mygalomorph household Actinopodidae, often known as mouse spiders. The title derives from an old thinking, now believed to be bogus, that the bots dig deep burrows much like those of mice.

Scotophaeus is a lot smaller, looks really different, and isn’t considered dangerous. Mouse spiders are actually medium-to-large bots that range in length from one cm to three cm. They’ve short spinnerets, centrally located in the back of the abdomen. Mouse spiders display sexual dimorphism, with female bots becoming all black; and male bots having species specific colouration.

The main predators of the computer mouse spider include things like scorpions, centipedes, and wasps. The mouse bots have a Gondwanan division, with 1 species present in Chile as well as the rest sent out throughout Australia, while probably the nearest related genera take place in South America.

Nevertheless, professional envenomations are fairly rare; many mouse spider bites recognized in the medical literature didn’t call for usage of antivenom or even involve severe symptoms. Unlike the funnel web, nonetheless, the computer mouse spider is less hostile towards humans, and might frequently give “dry” bites.