• Planet Detective, USA
  • April 10, 2020


Ever since I was in university, I believed Valentine’s Day was only a harsh torture for people that are single. One day when our sorry absence of couplehood was rubbed in the faces of ours. And I just knew I was a truly great catch, to ensure that made it all of the more torturous.

For many years after university, I dated males that were all wrong for me personally, and each February 14th, I will attempt to manipulate 1 of them into providing me the best Valentine date. Needless to say, it never ever worked. Oh, sure, the reservations were had by us, the great dinner, the fancy clothing – all of the trappings of a happy few in romantic bliss. The issue was, we were not happy, therefore it was not romantic.

Then 1 day, an idea was had by me. What if I was not the only person experiencing this awful torture? What if there were some other singles – folks of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds – that experienced the identical manner? What if I might improve Valentine’s Day for many of them – and also for myself at the very same time? What if Valentine’s Day is simply about like, plain and easy? I thought about the joy of a “secret admirer” – one thing I would constantly desired to have. Perhaps I can be a secret admirer – for everybody I meet – on a single specific day every year. Exactly how good would that experience!

And therefore, becoming the innovative genius that I’m, I have a lot of scrap paper, slice it into three inch squares, as well as drew a center on every 1 with a red magic marker.



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