• Planet Detective, USA
  • July 5, 2020


The guinea fowl typically has long, deep coloured feathers and a hairless neck as well as head that makes the guinea fowl a rather distinct bird. The guinea fowl is actually a pretty resilient and very adaptable bird as well as the guinea fowl is as a result found naturally in assortment of habitats. Wild guinea fowl is found inhabiting jungles, woodlands, shrublands, grasslands as well as aspects of desert, based on the abundance of meals.In their indigenous Africa, guinea fowl were used as domestic animals for thousands of years as the huge size of the guinea fowl signifies that only one bird is able to offer a good deal of meals. Today, guinea fowl are actually farmed all over the world for their feathers, eggs, and meat.The guinea fowl is actually an omnivorous bird and consequently has a diet which is made up of both other animals and plants. Guinea fowl mainly feed on insects and worms on the ground, together with seeds, small mammals and berries and reptiles.Mammals such as wildcats, dogs, humans and wolves and large reptiles like snakes and crocodiles. are actually the most typical predators of the guinea fowl.

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