• Planet Detective, USA
  • October 21, 2019


The Peekapoo is actually a cross breed between the Miniature and the Pekingese or maybe Toy Poodle. They make a terrific companion dog and are very protective of the men and women they love. It is then hilarious for a dog of the a little size.Peekapoos are relatively timid. They’re not very comfortable with unfamiliar individuals. Like their Pekingese parent, they will attempt to protect the family members of theirs and would also growl or perhaps warn bark at strangers, other dogs and strange noises. Therefore they make an excellent watchdog too.These dogs are also susceptible to biting people or animals other in case they come near to the food of theirs. Nevertheless, they’re noted for their love and loyalty for the owners of theirs. They’re smart and love to discover play and things new with the family members kids. The enjoy entertaining the owners of theirs with playful antics.The precise origin of the peekapoo isn’t known. It’s also been recommended that, the Pekingese as well as the poodle breeders needed to try the luck of theirs, attempting to cross between the 2 breeds.

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