• Planet Detective, USA
  • January 24, 2020


The word Christmas actually means Christian Mass.

Nol arrived from the Latin term natalis, and that means day time of birth.
Christmas wreath initially symbolized Jesus’ crown of thorns. In gold, green, colors red, and addition became the conventional Christmas colors. Red belongs to the blood of

Christ while environmentally friendly symbolizes life, along with gold stands for royalty and light.
During the original 16th century, the German Christians had been the first person to make use of trees inside the homes of theirs. Martin Luther was believed to be the 1st person to make use of candles to enhance the Christmas tree.

You will find over 2,000 churches devoted to him in France and Germany, as well as 400 in England.
Dutch kids usually leave cookies and milk for Santa Claus.

It represents the gifts that the 3 kings/wise men/magi gave to infant Jesus.
It’s sold fifty million copies around the globe. Over 500 blankets have been captured by different artists in languages that are different.

The very first Christmas cards had been created by Hallmark in 1915.
You will find 2 islands called as Christmas. Additionally, there are actually 3 towns in the United States which are actually called after Santa Claus.

Christmas was previously made unlawful in England. It was merely lifted when Cromwell lost strength over parliament in 1660.
Destinations including the Philippines, Portugal and Spain still perform this tradition.



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