• Planet Detective, USA
  • January 24, 2020


There are lots of traditions, practices and routines based around Christmas, but how about Christmas Eve? In most nations and areas of the planet, Christmas Eve holds virtually as much value as Christmas Day. Allow me to share several of those various traditions, practices and routines based around the evening before Christmas:

Milk and cookies
A quintessential American tradition for a lot of kids.

Opening Presents
Because many households have much more than a single family Christmas to attend, lots of people opt to celebrate Christmas with a single family on Christmas Eve and yet another one on Christmas Day. Additionally, several families have a tradition that every person opens one of the presents of theirs on Christmas Eve.

In certain places and in the 19th and 18th centuries, many men and women didn’t decorate until Christmas Eve arrived.


Nations as Mexico, Spain, Italy and Greece all have their own specific cookie recipes that are produced at Christmas time.

Specific Meal
Many countries also create a specific meal for Christmas Eve.


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