• Planet Detective, USA
  • July 16, 2020


In case you’ve never seen or even tasted a cheese curd you may not be nervous to place one in the mouth of yours because “cheese curd” is actually sort of an unusual name and does not always conjure up pictures of something delicious. But a cheese curd is incredibly delicious. I believe once you try one you will be consuming a great deal far more of them!

I am from Wisconsin and grew up consuming cheese curds (and of course, a lot of various other cheese too). When i grew up and began to go outside of the state I discovered in a rush that a great deal of things were unique and that cheese curds have been a special product only offered in places which produced cheese. That is changed just a little bit right now.

What exactly are cheese curds? Most cheese curds (at minimum the majority of the people made in Wisconsin) are actually a cheddar cheese item, but believe baby cheddar cheese or maybe newborn cheddar cheese.

Do not purchase them from the supermarket of yours or maybe grocery store (unless you are specific they actually are ) that is fresh. You will be happy you went to the difficulty of purchasing probably the freshest cheese curds possible.

That is among the reasons why children like eating cheese curds (and a lot of parents too). In case you have not yet had the chance to try out cheese curds, I am hoping you try out them soon. I believe you will be happy you did. Happy eating!