• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 28, 2020


The canned tuna business is more than hundred years old. Imports of frozen and fresh tuna are mainly yellowfin tuna. The five major commercial tuna species are discussed below.

Albacore Tuna
Mainly offered in canned tuna as’ white’ tuna beef. Albacore is able to live as many as twelve years and could develop to eighty fat in the open ocean. It may be marketed as new packed canned tuna or perhaps in loins.

Skipjack Tuna
The vast majority of frozen and fresh skipjack tuna offered in the U.S. is actually imported from Mexico, South Ecuador and Korea. Skipjack are actually smaller tuna which on average are actually two to three feet long and weigh six to eight pounds.

Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowfin is usually sold as frozen tuna steaks or maybe fresh loins or even steaks. A little amount is actually canned as’ light’ tuna meat combined with skipjack. Yellowfin is able to grow as many as 400 lbs and also have a fairly short lifespan of six to seven years.

Bigeye Tuna
Bigeye is often sold by its Hawaiian name’ ahi’.

Bluefin is able to live as many as thirty years and increase to 1200 pounds.

Item Forms
Frozen or fresh tuna loins or maybe steaks purchased in retail stores as well as restaurants are usually yellowfin, bigeye, or maybe albacore tuna. quality that is High or even “sushi grade” bigeye as well as bluefin tuna are actually delicacies which are typically used in sushi as well as sashimi dishes.

The dietary composition of canned tuna items is actually affected by the fluid (water or oil) that it’s loaded in and whether or maybe not other components like salt are actually included. Nutritional labels provide a foundation to evaluate these products.
Highly migratory species call for international cooperation for fishery control.