• Planet Detective, USA
  • February 17, 2020


The concept was to creature a little Indian’ black panther’. Following a number of efforts, at last an all black cat was created which would constantly produce tan colored kittens with’ copper penny’ eyes.A lithe yet still muscular cat, Bombay is amazingly weighty for its look. It’s a moderate slender physique with a lustrous jacket. Head is well rounded with yellow to copper colored circular eyes & more or less tilted ears. Both the eyes as well as ears are actually huge and widely set. Muzzle is light with a little nose break. Tail is moderate in length. It’s close and short lying and nevertheless has an unparalleled gloss. It’s dark throughout, which includes at its origins.Some Bombays share a genetic skull condition with the Burmese in the lines of theirs. This’s a problem of some controversy around breeders these days of the classic Burmese and Bombay cats. They stick to their humans around everywhere and attempt to supervise all the activities of theirs. They’re active and outgoing cats and keep themselves as well as their companions very busy. Temperamentally they’re rather good. Bombays readily recognize other pets, especially dogs, into the household of theirs. They’re awesome with kids and are community cats in general.


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