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  • July 16, 2020


Australian Shepherds are rustic, well-proportioned, and vigorous dogs – a bit longer than taller. Their ears are actually triangular and set higher, their chests are actually strong and their tails are actually straight and naturally light. Their hair style is soft and short around the head, front legs and ears. Australian Shepherds are available in black, red merle, blue merle, red or solid-red with gray and/or tan markings.

What’s the Australian Shepherd temperament like? Australian Shepherds are actually loyal, reliable, easygoing companions. Because of this they’re superb with kids – and the more energetic, the greater. Though they’ve a mild nature which prevents the play of theirs from actually getting rough. They’re also excited to work: Provide them with a job and they will get it done with lots of power to spare.

Australian Shepherds could be a bit standoffish in the beginning. Given time, nonetheless, they are going to become comfortable with people that are new and come out of the shells of theirs.

They’ve exceptional guarding instincts along with a powerful sense of loyalty to the families of theirs. Australian Shepherds are going to bark when strangers deal with the home, and they will often run a couple of laps around the home for good measure.

They like having a task to do. Left alone inside for way too long, they are able to go a bit batty. Because of this, they’re not truly suited for apartments.

This can make them much more excited to have the area and less excited to hang out with the household.

A healthy Australian Shepherd is able to live as long as fifteen years. Common health problems consist of hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and cataracts. Australian Shepherds do not shed only and excessively need occasional brushing.

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