• Planet Detective, USA
  • May 24, 2020


It was instantly succeeded by the Mark three which itself remained in constant production until 1967.

Unlike the predecessors of its, it was offered solely as a two two variant.

A walnut veneer dashboard



It’d servo assisted braking system, that were now standard products.



A lowered frame made it possible for ground clearance to be improved by a complete one inch.

Other specs included:

In March 1965, larger face as well as rear amber turn signs, with specific lenses, became conventional equipment
4 speed manual gearbox, with different gear ratios, and also an optionally available overdrive unit
Oversize Girling front side disc brakes whilst keeping rear drums
Engine start button employed on prior models replaced by a crucial start
There was right now an option to use sometimes the current 2 tone paint product or perhaps, for the very first time, only a single colour for the entire body panels
Steering continued using a cam & peg system
Stronger wheel hubs have been added to enhance handling

Height of back suspension increased
Softer rear springs inserted for a smoother ride