• Planet Detective, USA
  • July 16, 2020


Auks have extended bodies, brief tails, short legs and small wings that set long ago on the entire body. They’re many good swimmers as well as divers, but their walks is found clumsy. Many species have names that are different in North America and Europe. The guillemots of Europe are actually murres in North America, in case they take place in both continents, as well as the Little Auk grows into the Dovekie. Several species, like the Uria guillemots, nest in big colonies on cliff edges; others, such as the Cepphus guillemots, breed in groups that are small on coasts that are rocky; as well as the puffins, auklets and even certain murrelets nest in burrows. The nourishing behaviour of auks is frequently compared to that of penguins; they’re both wing propelled pursuit divers.

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