American Water Spaniel Dog Information

The American Water Spaniel is actually hardy, muscular, and active. The wide head is reasonably extended and in proportion to the majority of the dog, with a reasonable stop. The large nose has considerable nostrils and is actually brown or black in color. The tooth meet in a scissors or perhaps level bite. The large set eyes differ in style from light yellow brown to unsightly hazel to deep brownish, based on the jacket color. The very long, hanging ears are actually established at eye level, coated with curls. The legs are moderate in length. Dewclaws are at times removed. There’s at times a small white on the chest as well as toes.

It’s excited to learn and really passionate about its work. It’s used, above many, for backpacking quail, pheasant, duck, rabbit and grouse. Additionally, it makes an excellent guard dog and companion. Obedient, confident persistent, energetic, or friendly, the American Water Spaniel is actually a satisfying, willing dog that’s highly vulnerable, therefore obedience training needs to be relaxed, firm, persuasive and quiet, instead of demanding or perhaps sharp. He’s an easy really going, loving companion that’s typically great with kids.

If this particular dog thinks he’s, or even that he might be, in an alpha place over people he might snap defensively if startled or perhaps harshly disciplined. Dogs don’t respond well to anger or harshness. Socialize this particular breed properly at an early age to stay away from potential dog aggressiveness and timidity as an adult.

. It really loves attention, but can easily entertain itself. A few American Water Spaniels snore. When the dog is actually deficient in daily psychological and/or physical exercise it is going to tend to bark as well as whine and can certainly occasionally be over-excited or hyper. This breed would like to roam. Some may drool.

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