• Planet Detective, USA
  • August 13, 2020


For ALTERED CARBON, by the season 2384, individuals are able to live permanently. An individual’s soul is actually digitized into a metallic disc (a “stack”), and that is then placed right into a vacated body (a “sleeve”). Takeshi Kovacs, a Japanese Slovakian mercenary that has been unconscious for 250 years, wakes up within the body of a former policeman (Joel Kinnaman). He quickly finds himself under surveillance by policewoman Kristin Ortega (Martha Higareda), who’s suspicious of Kovacs’ reappearance.Kovacs life in San Francisco, today named Bay City, a dystopia populated by gun runners, drug dealers, and many houses of ill repute. Wealthy citizens decide to live in the sky, above the cloud cover, in which Kovacs is actually brought to satisfy probably the richest male in the planet, Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy). Somebody has murdered Bancroft by destroying his stack, and that is the sole way an individual may really die in this particular world. Thankfully, Bancroft is actually among the only folks alive that was in a position to afford a backup stack. And so, although he is in a position to go on living, he’s no memory of the details of the murder or even who killed him. He hires Kovacs to find the killer.

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